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Division of Property

Edina Property Division Lawyer

When Estates and Family Businesses Need to Be Divided

Property division can transform the most cooperative of divorces into a battle. At the law office of Linda K. Wray in Edina, Minnesota, we spend time identifying all assets and properly valuing them. Linda then works with clients to determine their interests, needs, and goals with respect to property. Linda is an experienced negotiator and frequently uses a problem-solving approach involving the development of creative solutions to resolve issues on a win-win basis, without court involvement. However, when necessary, she will vigorously litigate to protect your rights and secure your financial future.

Property division is often not easy. Many cases that come to us involve complex assets. For the help you need from a seasoned divorce attorney, contact us at 952-236-4072 or 877-288-8421.

Legal Experience

Property division is not a simple matter, whether it involves a few possessions or a couple owning valuable assets. Many divorces involve non-marital tracing (separating out assets owned prior to the marriage or received as a gift or inheritance), real estate sales or transfers, and division of retirement plans. Linda K. Wray is an accomplished divorce attorney, skilled at assisting clients with tracing non-marital interests and determining an equitable and financially sound allocation of assets. For those cases that require the expertise of a financial professional, Linda is experienced working with CPAs, business valuation experts, tax attorneys, actuaries, financial planners and certified divorce financial analysts and will bring them into your case when needed.

Dealing With the Financial Implications of Divorce

At the law office of Linda K. Wray, we work closely with clients so they have an understanding and are part of the decision making process regarding the division of their assets. Linda takes care to assist clients with assessing the impact of various options for dividing assets on their future. She is sensitive to the emotional and personal matters clients must attend to during a divorce and also recognizes that this is a time when clients can begin to take control of their financial future.

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