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Edina, Minnesota Attorney: Helping You Take Positive Steps Toward the Future

At the law office of Linda K. Wray in Edina, Minnesota, we focus on the following areas of practice:

  • Divorce — With dedication and attention to detail, attorney Linda K. Wray will spend the time necessary to find out the facts and unique circumstances of your divorce case so as to provide you with exceptional representation.
  • High net worth divorce — At the law office of Linda K. Wray, we work with clients to resolve complex financial matters in divorces involving family businesses, multi million-dollar estates, stock options, real estate conveyances and other valued marital and nonmarital property.
  • Division of property — From complex business valuations to the tracing of nonmarital property, we can assist clients with valuing and dividing marital property by teaming with financial experts.
  • Child support — Linda will go beyond a straightforward calculation of child support. She will assist you with assessing the pros and cons of alternative ways for paying your children's expenses, and in those cases involving spousal maintenance, will work to structure child support and spousal maintenance so as to minimize federal and state income taxes. .

For a divorce with dignity, contact us at 952-236-4072 or 877-288-8421 for an experienced Edina, Minnesota, divorce attorney.

  • Spousal maintenance — Whether you are the payor or payee of spousal support, Linda will work with you to develop cash flow scenarios so as to determine that level of support that will maximize your ability to have a solid financial foundation post-divorce.
  • Child custody and parenting time — Linda has been assisting her clients with creating developmentally responsive parenting plans since parenting plan legislation was enacted in Minnesota in 2001. She will work with you to develop a plan that focuses on the best interests of your children. She also has extensive knowledge regarding early neutral evaluations (ENEs) as to both financial and parenting issues.
  • Post-divorce modifications — Revisiting child support or spousal maintenance generally requires a substantial change in circumstances. A change in parenting time can usually be made if it is in the best interests of your children. Changing custody may require a showing that your children are presently in danger, physically or emotionally. Linda has the experience to get you through these challenging processes and towards a positive resolution.
  • Relocation of children — There are many reasons parents want to relocate, including employment in a new job or remarriage. The parent seeking to move must show that the move is in the children's best interest. We can help with any relocation or move-away matters.
  • Collaborative law — Collaborative law is a process for resolving family law conflicts using well-developed cooperative strategies in a safe environment, rather than adversarial techniques and litigation in the courtroom. Use of the process will often maximize parties' ability to divorce with dignity, avoid courts, and focus on a positive resolution for themselves and their children. Linda is an experienced collaborative attorney and leader in the area of collaborative law.
  • Mediation — Linda brings experience to the family mediation table, and has a facility ideal for the mediation process with multiple rooms for clients, attorneys and experts.
  • Appeals — Linda is experienced in family court appeals. In Minnesota, you have 60 days following service of a Notice that your divorce was final to file an appeal; so you must act quickly if you would like to consider appealing a decision of the trial court in your case. .

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