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Twin Cities Child Support Lawyer

An Advocate for the Most Important Transition of Your Life

Many clients come to us, saddened and scared about the end of their marriage. Others come to our office angry and ready to fight their soon-to-be ex-spouse. Still others arrive ready for the divorce to be finalized but disagree as to how to equitably and effectively divide complex financial estates, or to create a developmentally responsive parenting plan. In each of these situations Edina, Minnesota-based attorney Linda K. Wray can help you.

Since 1995, attorney Linda K. Wray has been working with clients to get through the negative experience of divorce in positive and healthy ways, with an emphasis on securing their financial future and providing a solid plan for parenting their children. She works hard to assist her clients through the transition and help them move on to their next chapter of their lives.

Just because divorce can have destructive effects does not mean it has to have such effects. Contact us at 952-236-4072 or 877-288-8421.

Collaboration or Litigation

Linda works extensively with each of her clients to identify his or her needs, priorities and goals concerning parenting issues, support and property division. She educates clients about the processes available to them to resolve their legal issues, including collaborative law, mediation and litigation, and she assists them in choosing the process that will best enable them to meet their goals. In cases where litigation is required, Linda will keep in focus the impact that the process will have on you and your children.

Dignified Steps Toward Custody, Parenting Time and Support

The process decisions you make related to resolving issues of custody, parenting time, child support and spousal maintenance will likely impact your future relationships with your ex-spouse and your children. How either or both spouses conduct themselves throughout the divorce process often sets the tone for post-marital interactions. Linda will work with you to determine if your case can be conducted in a dignified manner, even if court involvement is required.

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For more information, or to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer regarding parenting time, child support or spousal support, please contact us. We are located one block west of Highway 100, just north of I-494.

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