Edina Divorce and Family Attorneys: Helping You With an Important Life Transition

The way people transition through divorce and other family law matters has enormous impact on lives for years to come. Poor transitions affect children's formation of their identity, peer relationships, school performance and relationship with parents. With respect to parents and spouses, poor transitions lead to persistent hostility, lack of productivity, financial strains and low self-esteem.

Constructive transitions through family law proceedings however, can significantly improve children's ability to become emotionally healthy, productive adults. Such transitions enable adults to develop new, satisfying relationships and be effective participants in newly restructured families and in society.

Linda K. Wray is devoted to constructively assisting her clients through family law matters, including preserving their dignity and values while effectively representing their financial interests and their interests as parents.

Collaborative divorce is one proven way to effectively transition out of a marriage relationship. For help, contact us at 952-236-4072 or 877-288-8421 for an experienced Edina divorce and family attorney.

There is no getting around the fact that divorce is difficult and can be a devastating event in one's life. The end of a marriage and the restructuring of a family involve enormous change. The life of each family member is forever altered. Given that, one of the most important questions to consider when commencing a divorce is:

"How will I handle my divorce?"

A Dignified and Peaceful Process

At the law office of Linda K. Wray, we believe that many marital dissolutions, including high-asset divorces and divorces involving spousal maintenance or support, business valuations and child custody or parenting time can be conducted in a dignified manner enabling both parties to move on positively to the next chapter of their life.

Experienced, Skilled and Professional

Linda K. Wray is experienced and skilled at working with clients and other professionals who may be involved in a family law cases. In her more than 15 years of practice, she has earned a reputation as competent, strong and respectful, which enables her to effectively represent clients through difficult family transitions. Linda is a skillful litigator and an effective advocate, who has successfully settled a countless number of cases and obtained favorable results for clients when court involvement was required.

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